Alice In Wonderland

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Tim Burton… You let me down. I mean the movie was amazing and good just not the fill I was hoping for. I felt like I spent more time watching people run around in the movie than actual time finding the plot. Not kidding those scenes with people running about were getting on my nerves.

The part that sold the movie was Cheshire~ He really did sell it I loved him and the March Hare. They were both amazing. “Goodbye Hat” Chesh and March had some of the best lines in the movie. I know the Hatter is suppose to be crazy and mad but he was more an angry crazy than insane in the membrane. That kind of annoyed me a bit… Just a little bit though, so I guess its okay. I still would rather read the books.

I had the honor of veiwing this movie in 3D~ YAY! 3D!!! >.> No just no, people need to end this obsession with 3D…It is getting more than ridiculous. I mean I dont mind a good 3D movie but it is kind of annoying when a movie could be amazing but alas was more than annoying because the silly glasses where annoying my eyes.

Overall the movie was good, but still wasn’t worth all the hype, and I am a true wonderland dork but I was not impressed.


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SyFy’s Alice

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Alright this review is a bit late, seeing as I watched the series when it aired but I just got time to write this review.

SyFy created an interesting and unique take on Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice Through the Looking Glass. It stars Caterina Scorsone, who plays Alice Hamiliton, a martial arts expert. The story takes place about 150 years after the original Alice fell into Wonderland through that rabbit hole. Alice is in love with a guy who we know as Jack. In the beginning of the story Jack gives Alice a ring. Little does she know this is the ring of Wonderland. Alice goes into wonderland and discovers many things that are opposite the original tale.

The house of cards is a Casino. The Hatter is a street-wise tough guy, who is portrayed by Andrew Lee Potts. A sole White Knight portrayed by Matt Frewer. Human emotions are bottled and sold in the black market.

Though Syfy creates interesting twists on the series, more interesting is the characters. Alice and Hatter are the couple to root for in this series, even though through parts of it if you are anything like myself you will want to slap Alice. Jack is truly a good character, once you get past the jerky parts and the fact Alice is in love with him.

I really dont know how I can compel you all to check out this show besides the fact it is awesome and needs more fans. This mini-series is a great work and the actual filming and such was quite well done. (though some of the fight seems are obviously staged and look ridiculous, but still hilarious) I recommend everything check it out.

Also Andrew Lee Potts is so sexy in his Hatter outfit. JUST SAYIN~

Anyways I hope you all enjoy this series as much as I did and I hope you all check it out.

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O.O I just finally have time to post about this series full of epic win. (No joke it is, I swear it is.)

Misfits is a British Teen Drama, and is based around a group who are all serving community service for their miscellaneous crimes when a strange lightning storm occurs. This lightning storm gives the teens (as well as some of the other people of the community) special powers. One of the girls, Kelly (played by Lauren Socha) becomes a psychic, hearing the thoughts of everyone around her. Another teen, Simon (played by Iwan Rheon) can turn invisible. Curtis (played by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) can rewind time and Alisha (played by Antonia Thomas) can send boys into a sexual frenzy with just a touch. This leaves one member of the group who seems to be lacking a power and that is the smart alec leader type, Nathan Young (played by Robert Sheehan).

The group bands together after they murder their probation officer, who thanks to the storm becomes basically a zombie and is aiming to kill the group. The group together begins to deal with the changing of people in there town and what happens to all of them as they try to keep the death of their probation worker a secret.

The series has a lot of viral marketing sites. (Such as Simon has his own youtube page and Nathan and Kelly both twitter accounts.)
Overall I loved the series personally. Nathan is adorable character who really does sell the series. However though this series is amazing I do not recommend anyone under the age of 13 to check it out. It is perverted and a bit bloody, however if your mature and wanna watch something that is funny and filled with interesting drama. Check out Misfits.

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Video Projects Update 01/26/10

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So… Yeah. Video updates are as followed.

Everything Burns – Ef A Tale of Melodies.

Once I get through this chorus of hatred and fire. I should be good to go. I am gonna cut the song though because I can’t figure out what else to do with it at the moment.

Say Anything – Pandora Hearts

I have the first couple segment done. All thats left is the OzXAlice section which wont be to awfully hard if I actually get motivated to do it. Curse me and my saying this video would be straight pairings only. I want my GilxOz fill man.

Glimmering Butterflies – Ef

Errr yeah… To lazy to translate and such so I have been procratinating, however when I do work on it I get like atleast 30 seconds done at a time. So this one should be out semi-soon.

Good Girls Go Bad

This one would be so much easier if I hadn’t choose a crack couple. But alas it will be done by at latest march.

Marionette – Umineko no Naku koro ni

Will be finished when I finish downloading Umineko. (Wants so Ange scenes)

Others I dont feel like talking about so I wont.

Expect Betas and such soon.


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Quick Update

January 25, 2010 at 2:16 am (School) (, , )

Hey guys,

Quick update since I am suppose to be working on my english paper (which I haven’t started but is due TOMORROW!) Yeah someone should just shoot my grade now, cause I am so screwed. Anyways. UPDATES!


I just finished my photography CD cover assignment. Themed Alice in Wonderland, to go along with my upcoming miniseries to be on youtube titled Murder in Wonderland. It is a rather simple series but it will have to be filmed in like two months. Which might be a bit hard with everyone schedule. But hey we’re gonna try. But yeah, just finished that. I will upload some pick of that later if I get permission from the person on the cover and junk.


I am crazy busy, so no new videos until I have some time to edit something decent because apparentally my last project was not liked by my beta testers. (Well Suki liked it but the other two gave me a negative comment on my use of texture and purposely added static)


I should stop blowing off this paper. Really I should. So yeah. Thats it for now.

❤ Hina-chii

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First Post

January 12, 2010 at 10:33 pm (Getting Started) (, , , , )

Hey guys!

Sayco here, I am new to the blog filled world so these updates to begin with are mainly going to be me fiddling around with this system but I will use this to give sneak peaks at new projects and such. Also I will be using this to demostrate some of my photography skills xD Not really but some of my photo assignments may appear on here…eventually…


Thats it for now.

❤ Hina-chii

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